Life Coaching is provided on a one to one or group basis. Coaching is designed to help you meet or attain a specific goal(s).  Each session will provide you with guidance, resources, accountability, and celebration of wins. Schedule a Free Session Today!



Human Resources Consults are provided to assist businesses with transforming their employee morale.  Through individual coaching, group workshops, and training, we work with business owners, management, and organizations to increase morale, which increases productivity, increases retention, and overall profit.  Schedule your Free Consultation Today!

Office Solutions


Creating an office environment that is healthy, comfortable, and inviting; creates more productivity. Spring 2020 a micro cowork space will be available where individuals and businesses can come together in a comfortable space, connect, and work together. 

Speaking & Workshops


For more information or to book Kari for a speaking event or workshop, contact us. It would be a pleasure to provide your audience with information and knowledge on managing life, family, and business responsibilities successfully.