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Coaching & ConsultingCoaching & ConsultingCoaching & Consulting

Helping people create a life they love.

Helping businesses create productive environments employees love.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Kari Vazquez. I am a wife, mom to 5 beautiful children, a grandma, and a doggy mom.  I am also the creator of Kari & Co. where I provide my coaching and consulting services, as well as, Dockyard & Co. where I provide office solutions.  I recently published my first book, "ReCreate Your Love," which I am so excited to now be an Author.

After 20 years working in different environments, many of which I spent in Human Resources, I knew there was so much more I had to contribute to the world.  So here I am!

Over the years I have found that when we can shift our mindset, love on a higher level, and develop healthy relationships at home and work; we become more impactful human beings. 

My goal and purpose is to get you to where you want to be, the quickest way possible! Through coaching, consulting, and various office solutions, I help you take your life and business to the next level!

Why Me?

My holistic approach provides you with resources and results that give you the greatest impact, most return on your investment, and lasting outcomes.  Whether you are here for personalized individual coaching or a business in need of Human Resource solutions, I am here for you!

Products & Services

Coaching Services


Accepting New Clients.  One to one coaching sessions or group coaching for life and relationship coaching available. 

Schedule your free strategy call today. 

HR Consulting


If you are a Small-Mid Size Business Owner or an HR Professional who needs support with improving the morale of your organization; we are here to identify core issues, will help you boost employee morale, and take it to the next level. 

Contact us today for a Free Consultation!  With over 10 years of Human Resources experience, we understand the effects of low morale, which decreases productivity and increases turnover.  Both of these issues affect the bottom line and result in loss in profitability for the company.  Click the link below and let us help you. 

ReCreate Your Love New Course


"ReCreate Your Love" is Kari's book and she now has a course launching February 2020.  

The course includes a copy of her e-book, 8 modules that will be available over a 4 week time period.  The course also includes videos for each module, assignments, and virtual accountability.  

For more on the love course, 

click the link below!

ReCreate Your Love Book


Kari's book, ReCreate Your Love, was published January 2020.  It is available on Amazon or signed copies on available on her website for a limited time. 

This love guide will transform you transform love for yourself, your spouse, and others.  If you have been struggling in loving yourself, in relationships, this book is for you!  

Click the link below for more information on her book. 

Passion 2 Purpose Mastermind


If you are a new or aspiring entrepreneur and you'd love to connect with other entrepreneurs, join this Mastermind.   

Have you been wanting to...​
1. Shift your mindset, regain confidence, and take back time and energy for yourself & your business?  
2. Create the time and energy you need for your partner, family, home, & business?
3. Create healthy relationships that support your passions & business developments?
4. Turn your passion or start up business into your purpose with structure, & goals you meet?
5. Support others, have accountability, discuss ideas, and reach goals together?

If this is you, apply today by clicking the link below. 



Tune in each week to the Rebuilding Relationships Podcast, where Kari shares a message or has a guest discuss topics on rebuilding and restoring life and relationships.  

She looks at the many challenges we all face each day, things that may have torn you down or caused you to fail, and she helps you turn those challenges to victory and triumph. 

Her goal each week is to serve you on the highest level!

Click the link below to listen. 

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